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We all love the sunshine but getting into that HOT car isn't always so wonderful even when you have a remote start it will take the breath out of you when the temperatures are soaring. Makes you want to pack your lunch instead of meeting friends for lunch! We decided that you should meet friends for lunch! So we got together and found some quick ideas for you. It isn't much but enjoy the sunshine on us here at Automotive Solutions here in Lenoir City! Call it our fun day fact!

Easiest Fix By Far......Sunshade. Buy one for the front window and they now have them available for the sides and back windows! It reflects the sun's rays away from the interior of your car or truck keeping the heat level down and the bonus feature is that it will help keep your interior looking great longer so you will stay in love with your car or truck longer "plus" it is easy to pack away in seconds out of sight!

Splurge on More Permanent Window Coverings. Window tinting or stick-on tinting can also reduce the sun’s intensity before it reaches the interior of a car, protecting it from the effects of the heat. If you do opt for window tinting, go ahead and spend a little extra cash to get it properly done by a professional. Good window tinting can actually add to the resale value of your vehicle

Park in the Shade. This is easier said than done; we've spotted giant parking lots nearly empty save the coveted spots underneath the shade trees. In fact, any parking spot with an inch of shade can be hard to come by when the sun is high in the sky. Summer drivers are no fools. However, here's a trick: follow the sun. If you're going to be parked for a while, knowing the trajectory of the sun means you can park where the shade will be later in the day, at a time closer to when you'll be hopping into your vehicle. And make sure to park the front of your car away from the sun; that'll reduce the amount of direct sunlight those front seats get.

Experience Instant Cool Down. Crank the air once you get into a hot car, and open the window. It may seem like warm outside air will just make things hotter, but actually you'll be allowing the even warmer air from inside the vehicle to escape while replacing it with the cool stuff from your a/c.

URGENT NOTE: You know how hot it is in that car or truck when you pop back into it after a short venture into the store or lunch so check your interior EVERY time you leave the car. If a chocolate bar will melt in minutes in that car then do not leave your pets or children in the vehicle for even a short time as it is stifling in there and even with the a/c going something could go wrong. It isn't worth the risk of your a/c going out or not working to its maximum capacity that one day for those few short minutes while you are in there.

The heat can take a toll on your car's vehicle's working parts as it works overtime in during the hot months of year, so if you even think your a/c isn't working like it should be thinking ahead and stop by the shop here at Automotive Solutions in Lenoir City, for a quick cooling system and fluid check, so that you'll not only stay cool, you'll stay safe. DRIVE SAFE from all of us here at Automotive Solutions.


Thank you for visiting Automotive Solutions in Lenoir City, TN. Count on our automotive repair technicians to keep your car, truck, suv, or van on the roads longer and safer.

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